• X-Method Coach


    The X-Method training concept is perfect for you, no matter the shape you’re in. It adjusts to your personal situation, making it healthy and safe as well as extremely effective.

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  • X-Method Group


    Varying and dynamic exercises train your whole body. In the group you’ll be training according to your personal fitness level, guided by an X-method coach.

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” Above all expectations

I had already trained systematically for years before I tried X-method. The adjustability and good coordination that come with it, have pushed me to do exercises that I never thought I could do. The dynamic nature of the workout sessions make it exhilarating. The sessions are always nice to go to and the progress cards give the experience an added insentive, as you can see your marks get higher and higher…

Kaarina, over 60, professor

” Hooked on progress

When I started my goal was to get through the The Emergency Services College’s physical exam. This I reached during the first period. My strength and endurance keep getting better, and I look forward to each session. Following your progress during each workout really makes you try your best. I’m hooked and will keep training motivated with the X-method concept…

Daniela, 18, student

” Back in my prime

X-method sparked my training motivation after years of a less active lifestyle. I feel amazing after each workout, after giving my absolute everything. The rapid progress has motivated me to push my boundaries, that I haven’t dared to touch since my career in competitive sports. After five months of training I have 10 kg less bodyfat, 2 kg more muscle and my body fat percentage has gone from 16,7 to 6,7. I’m already in better shape than I have been for fifteen years…

Sami, 40, CEO

” Stuck in a rut no more

The X-method program works on every bit of your physical being and is really addictive in a positive way. It makes you count the days until your next session, when you get the rush of giving it your all and to push your limits further and further. Because of the general boost in my physical condition and the absence of aches I used to have, I’m moving a lot more on my freetime as well.

Marko, 40, pipefitter

“ A boost of energy from X-Method

I’m more energetic and motivated than in a long while. Between my sitting-job and hobby of riding horses I feel I need an excersize routine that affects the whole body. My X-method coach makes sure that I do every move just right, and with optimal weights and settings, so my already-twice-operated back wont give out, but instead strengthen. I have to say my back has felt a lot better than in ages. You see and feel the results really fast…

Sonja, 35, researcher

” Get up & get going

I wanted to get in better shape and bring and active fitness regime back in to my life. As early as the first period of the program my VO2Max values raised two whole steps from below to above average, which has positively affected how I carry the weight of each day and how well I sleep at night. It’s hard to schedule anything because of my job, but the simple preset routines of X-method keep me active and feeling great…

Jani, 36, Leading consultant